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© "Sleeping under Van Gogh's Sky" 24"x24" SOLD
© "Swan's Journey Home" 30"x24" SOLD
© "Games on a Summer Pond" 36"x18" SOLD
© "The Magic Forest" 24"x30"
© "Magic Moments" 22"x28" SOLD
© "Mystic Night" 20"x20"
© "The Land of Blue Apples" 20"x20"
© "Under the Harvest Moon" 18"x36"
© "Morning in the Meadow" 24"x24"
© "Shells in the Stream" 22"x28"
© "Reflections" 24"x30"
© "The Rose" 20"x24"
© "Moby Duck" 22"x28"

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Katrina Fleming | Reply 15.07.2012 18.58

Nice to see all your work in one place!

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03.08 | 05:32

Impressive sharing. I will let my mother know about it after my and hope it will be interesting for her.

31.01 | 14:45

Simply mahvelous....Renee ...what an amazing collections. It pleases me to have met you and see what a wonderful person you are. Perhaps in the sprina

03.03 | 14:10

Hi Cathy, thank you so much for your comments. It's so good to hear from you! Email me and let me know what's going on in your life...

02.03 | 20:44

Rene, I was deleting stuff & found your website. What an amazingly talented woman you are! I am humbled & grateful to have been your friend back then. Cathy.

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